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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 19, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> kelly: fox news alert. military source telling the united states has begun firing tomahawk missiles targeting libyan systems. french defense officials confirming that their military jets have fired on at least one libyan military vehicle. france also spending the aircraft carrier to the region. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett.
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welcome to a brand-new hour of news headquarters we are closely monitoring quickly developing situation out of libya. >> heather: the u.s. navy has three submarines for operations against libya but france fired the opening shots and military intervention. protests continuing around libya despite muammar khadafy refuting reports that he is firing on his own people. he says she prepared to die for his country. >> gregg: steve harrigan is streaming live. what is the latest there? >> a lot of nervous gunfire on the ground on the capitol coming from the ground, small arms fire as well as anti-aircraft fire. we are not sure what they are exactly shooting here. reports of cruise fires, state television in libya saying they have hit the capitol of tripoli but i'm standing here we would
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hear a cruise missile. it has not hit air defense systems here yet. it's clear that french warplanes are in the fight around the city of benghazi. 20 french jets enforcing the no-fly zone. they have engaged one libyan military vehicle and they destroyed four government tanks, unfirmed reports. people are fleeing to the east as fast as they can. khadafy government forces are inside the city with tanks and ground troops certainly making the no-fly zone a much more difficult situation. as far as the reaction goes, official government reaction we expect to hear from colonel khadafy later on television. message is coming out and one of defiance, saying western nations are invading libya and there will be retaliation. as far as the situation here in the capitol, it was one of
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intense nervousness, always human shields coming into playing. libyans volunteering to take up positions around khadafy's compound as well as the airport to be human shields if cruise missiles do strike the alcohol. >> gregg: do you have any idea where he might be? is he even in tripoli today? >> reporter: we expected that he is in tripoli. we might see him later on state television, a small group of reporters of gone to his compound. he is expected to appear and give remarks. he has been extremely defiant and bellicose so far but we don't expect that to change. >> gregg: is the tomahawk missiles have attempted to take out air defense systems, do we have any idea of the location of those defense systems? >> reporter: many of libya's air defense systems are along the coast and some are located in
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the capitol close to the compound, as well. we have heard unconfirmed reports that tripoli is being bombarded but i can tell you the only fire is outgoing fire, small arms fire, ain't aircraft fire. it's not clear there is a target. it may just be panic fire. >> gregg: steve harrigan, we will check back with you, obviously if you do hear any explosions, any evidence of tomahawk missile striking there, i'm sure you will let us know right away. >> heather: in paris today, secretary of state hillary clinton and world leaders coming together for an emergency meeting. agreeing on the international community's military strike on khadafy's forces. molly henneberg is live in washington. how did tech clinton describe the u.s. military role in libya? >> molly: she didn't give
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specifics as she is the top u.s. diplomat but did say further delay on libya, will quote, put more civilians at risk and u.s. will support international military efforts to prevent khadafy from taking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities. we will bring them to bear to help our reunion and canadian allies and air partners stop further violence against civilians including to be effective implementation of a no-fly zone. as president obama said, the united states will not deploy ground troops. there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. >> molly: secretary clinton attended an emergency summit of 23 leaders today to get everyone on the same page about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no-fly zone. secretary who had side meetings with the foreign ministers of
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jordan, united arab emirates and adequater they say arab participation has been crucial so far. >> heather: the french, they have taken the most visible lead today. what are they doing? >> molly: n car car hosted the meeting today in paris it indicated afterwards that french fighter jets at the time was patrolling the skies above a key rebel stronghold in libya would have to take a more aggressive position. >> our effort will oppose any aggression by colonel khadafy against the population of benghazi. as is now, our aircraft are is preventing planes from attacking the ground. our french aircraft are ready to intervene against tanks, armored
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vehicles threatening unarmed civilians. >> molly: and after that, a french official said one of the ships fired on a libyan military vehicle and other reports say the french have destroyed four libyan tanks. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: fox news alert. president obama is going to be speaking momentarily on the situation in libya. we do have the audio of it live from brazil where, of course, he is on a five nation tour there. we're going to be giving you that audio momentarily. we do not have a video but we'll be able to tell you what the president is saying, his first remarks since we reported through the pentagon and jennifer griffin that the united states has launched the first military operations against libya and in support of the rebels there. we got two-minute warning. here it is now. here is the president. >> effort to protect civilians.
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the action has now begun. in the effort the united states is acting with broad coalition that is committed to enforcing the united nations security council resolution 1973 which calls for the protection of the libyan people. a coalition met in paris today to send a message and brings together many of our european and arab partners. this is not an outcome that the united states or any of our partners sought. even yesterday the international community offered muammar khadafy the opportunity to pursue and immediate cease-fire, one that stopped the violence against civilians and the advances of khadafy's forces, but despite the hollow words of his government, he has ignored that opportunity. his attacks on his own people have continued. his forces have been on the move danger faced by the people of
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libya has grown. i'm deeply aware of the risks of any military action no matter what limits we place on it. i want the american people to know that the use of force is not our first choice and is not a choice that i make lightsly. we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells its people there will be no mercy and forces step up their assaults on cities like benghazi where innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government. we must be clear, actions have consequences and the risks of the international community must be enforced. that is the cause of this coalition. as a part of this effort the united states will contribute our unique capabilities at the front end of the mission to protect libyan civilians and enable the enforcement of a no-fly zone that be led by
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international partners. as i said yesterday, we will not i repeat, we will not deploy any u.s. troops on the ground. as commander and chief, i have great confidence in the men and women of our military who will carry out this mission. they carry with them the respect of a grateful nation. i'm also proud we are acting as part of a coalition that includes close allies and partners that are prepared to meet their responsibility to protect the people of libya and uphold the mandate of the international community. i have academy after consulting with my national security team and republican and democratic leaders of congress. in the coming hours and days my administration will keep the american people fully informed. make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition, we are answering the calls of a threatened people and we are acting in the interests of the united states and the world. thank you very much >> gregg: president of the
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united states in brazil speaking on libya after fox news reported from the pentagon that tomahawk missiles had been fired to take out libyan air defense systems. reportedly many of those are on the coastline as you heard steve say, but also there are reports that they will be targeted in tripoli and misrata. you heard him saying benghazi the only stronghold at one point in time they hold much of the country. here to talk about security analyst. host of fox news live. good to see you. as i mentioned the rebels held much of the country at one point and lost almost all of it and now they have tenuous hold on benghazi. is this action by coalition forces too little or too late or just in time? >> you won't know for a couple of days. it is certainly very late. it's certainly the length hour i
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think when president obama spoke just now and when he spoke yesterday he is talking about, i think he is laying out his obama doctrine. he will be willing to intervene in countries to change either the regime or the regime's policies in order to achieve a humanitarian goal. this is limited goal. so he has got -- the goal isn't necessarily toppling khadafy. he talked about change can the policy and protecting the innocent. he has limited resources. he is not saying it's an all out war. this an air campaign and he keeps repeating not putting ground forces in. third thing he is doing in concert with others. so, it's a limited role that the united states has. in fact we're doing an anti-aircraft role. but the problem with all this, gregg, is how do you keep it limited? there is something called
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mission creep which is always the risk. if we go in with one idea and then the mission gets bigger and bigger and bigger. i hope president obama knows when it's timing to leave because his predecessor didn't. >> gregg: let's assume we take out air defense and take out heavy artillery and take out the tanks, does that give the rebels a legitimate chance? >> if you are intervening in a civil war in libya. even though it's uneven, what does it mean for bahrain. do we get involved there? do we get involved in saudi arabia? the oil safety net if they have uprising. it's a nervous precedent that we set but the other thing is to achieve all the things in president obama just from the air. that is the question. what you'll see real soon is
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khadafy looking at casualties, see america is third war in middle east and killing libyans. >> gregg: insofar as american military war, if we just engage from tomahawks and canadian and french and other countries enforcing up in the air the no-fly zone and we have control on the ground we are not putting personnel at risk. >> wait a minute. the goal is to prevent the loss of lives of libyans, you may not be able to do that from the air. a 24/7 no-fly zone doesn't necessarily regain the towns that they talk about doing. can you stop tanks and stop what khadafy already has, can you stop lawsuit iser on the ground? we have never been able to do. i'm skeptical.
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>> gregg: i listened to hillary clinton and she repeatedly referred to the leadership in car car we did not lead this and said it twice. is the this is shift of american policy? >> every president gets to have his own doctrine and looks like president obama's doctrine say is not president bush's. he would fight wars of reemgs, we are going to fight them so we don't have to fight them over here. we are more effective. this is something where there is no direct threat to the united states. libyans aren't attacking us. they might in the future and they have in the past but not right now. that may be one of the reasons they don't want the united states out in the front. the other obvious reason, this our third war in the middle east. >> gregg: n car car has --
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>> should the united states follow the french and recognize the main libyan opposition? >> you don't know what the libyan opposition at this point. is there a military there? the military for the most part is people in khadafy's army and been defected. this is not a trained group. this is not an organized opposition. we should be meeting with the opposition but who side are we on? are we going to be in with staying with the opposition and we're going to help you ton will khadafy? there could be two libyas. >> secretary clinton did say that we have been in touch with many people on the other side but did not disclose precisely who that is. great to see you. >> heather: the situation in libya rapidly changing the
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>> heather: fox news alert. pentagon holding a briefly about the situation in libya. we are awaiting more details. you heard president obama speak on that moments ago. we will wait and see what the pentagon has to say specifically that the u.s. is doing. we do know they have concerns that missile strikes have begun. >> gregg: so what does america think about libya? fox polls are out. joule jewel july has that. >> as the situation unfollowed we asked voters their opinion on military intervention. french warplanes have been dispatched and obama administration threatening military force if khadafy doesn't stop attacking people. most american voters do not want the military sent to libya.
4:22 pm
two-thirds, opposing the u.s. getting involved in another war in the middle east. 25% of voters favor taking military action in libya. u.s. foreign policy is in that that region and it is being analyzed as we speak. as a long term dictator comes under fire, what should be the goal of u.s. foreign policy. 59% think we should always be promoting democracy. 26% feel the u.s. is sometime support the dictators and 15% unsure. the obama administration's reaction to the unfolding situation carefully being watched by voters. from strongly denouncing khadafy to enacting a no-fly zone. more americans agree with the handling of libya so far by a margin. >> gregg: let's go to the pentagon now, a briefing. >> i want to make a brief
4:23 pm
statement and offer you all to ask a few questions about operational matters. this will not be a lengthy engagement. >> good afternoon, thank you for coming everyone. as you know we are leading edge of coalition military operations designed to enforce united nations security resolution 1973 in libya. the goal of pliagsz are twofold, first to prevent further attacks by regime forces on libyan citizens and opposition grouped in and around benghazi. second to degrade the regime's capability to degrade the no-fly zone. to that end earlier this afternoon over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british ships and submarines struck important than 20 integrated air defense systems and air defense facilities. on the side to my left, slide
4:24 pm
please, you can see the rough targets that were struck. most of them on are near the coast that makes it vital to the enforcement of the no-fly zone. is on the military efforts have been in this part of the country. these strikes were carefully coordinated with our coalition partner. the targets themselves were selected based on collective assessment that these sites either posed a threat to the pilots or could be used by the regime to the people of libya. because it was night over there, it will be some time before we have a picture of the strikes. i want to stress, however, this is just the first phase of what will likely be a multiphase military operation designed to enforce the united nations resolution and deny the libyan regime the ability to use force against its own people. this is an international
4:25 pm
military effort. urged by libyan people themselves and by other arab nations. we are joined by several other allied partners and committed to support can their efforts. indeed, we continue to receive commitments of support and participation in leadership from both arab and european partners. in these early days the operation will be under the command of and joint task force odyssey is admiral which is on board of whitney. >> and we anticipate a coalition commander in coming days. that said the u.s. military has and will continue to use our unique capability to create the condition for which we and our partners can best enforce the full measure of the u.n. mandated. our mission is to shape the battle shape so our partners can take the lead and lead in
4:26 pm
execution. like the president said we're not going to use force to go beyond a well-defined goal, specifically the protection of civilians in libya. with that i will take your questions. >> can you give us more on targets in particular what exactly the u.s. submarines -- was there anything beyond the cruise missiles that is being done by the united states? >> both from u.s. ships and submarines and a u.k. submarine, a total of 110 or maybe 112 tomahawk missiles targeted specifically at taking down the critical modes of air defense system which includes surface to air optimistically sites, and key -- air missile sites.
4:27 pm
>> most of them are in the western parts of the country. that is where the critical nodes are located and that is why we targeted them there. it does give us the built with taking down long range surface to air, taking them down and c-2 architecture that goes with that opens up broadest as possible for the no-fly zone. >> there was a mixture of old tomahawk and new tactical tomahawks. [ inaudible ] >> they give us the ability to loiter and we can shoot them and target and go to the target. but in this particular mission, we use them as we have one of older tomahawks. >> they allow us to penetrate what we call immediate to high
4:28 pm
threat without putting their crew at risk. >> has the no-fly zone -- >> at this point we are creating conditions to be able to set up the no-fly zone. once we have established and confirmed that the conditions are right, then we will move forward into the next, one of the next faces isz of the phases of the campaign. [ inaudible ] >> that is tough one to say, it's based on how you call, do we have airplanes patrolling of libya on report the no-fly zone, no, ma'am, we do not. but we are setting the conditions to be able to reach that stage. >> khadafy tanks and heavy are a till a ear also be targeted? >> i'm not -- i'm going to have to limit my discussion to the actions taken thus far.
4:29 pm
i'm not going to be able to discuss potential future operations. >> that is correct. that is what i was talking about. critical nerve of that integrated air and missile defense system at this particular point. khadafy is present dominantly lives in tripoli and you will see that is where the most robust strike will be. and no-fly zone encompasses the east and west. that is most critical parted. i'm not going to talk about future operations. >> have their been forces on the ground? >> there are no u.s. forces on the ground. we don't acquire people on the
4:30 pm
ground. >> can you tell us what submarines? >> i'm going to have to provide you that at another time. >> and aircraft involved at this point? >> there was no u.s. aircraft at this time. not at this particular time, no [ inaudible ] >> i would anticipate that we will be providing that. we bring unique capabilities in command and control and logistics so part of that we bring a very large tanker force to do that and we will be contributing that and in the future. >> what is this in relation to french fighter jets, it was after they launched or before they launched, your anticipated launches will continue and when you talk about critical nodes, does khadafy command and control
4:31 pm
a critical node? >> first question? >> when did the tomahawks get launched? >> after the french, tomahawks were lauhed. in flight about an hour, first impact was at 1500 eastern standard time. not going to answer the second question. last question? >> when you talked about your targeting the nodes, the upper echelon command and control one of the critical nodes? >> that was focusing on command and control of the integrated air and missile defenses. [ inaudible ] >> i'm not at liberty to discuss future operations.
4:32 pm
>> right now, the coalition the country that have access, mention their names,. you. french, italy and canada, u.k. and they want to be able to make the announcement and same for the other countries, as well. we're going to make the announcement. >> technology used -- >> for this particular strike what we call, support package, electronic attack was acquired to get the cruise missiles in. well, we have aircraft that jam and that is one of the benefits of using the tomahawk cruise
4:33 pm
missile. you would have to speak to the french minister of justice. >> and how heavy are these? >> over 20 tons. >> how would you assess the damage, global -- >> bomb damage assessment is going to take a little bit. after being in combat in iraq and afghanistan where we have predators, slow motion video, we don't have that in this contested airspace. we had to drop the i.s. in order to do that. we will be able to drop global hawks and we use the traditional technical means. >> this is a u.s. led
4:34 pm
operations -- >> we are on the leading edge of coalition operations, where the united states under general hamm under his command at this point and in the coming days, we'll transition to the coalition command. >> we had one british submarine. i don't have that in front of me the exact numbers. >> couple more minutes, tony. >> how sophisticated was this air defense system compared to iraq? give us a sense of that. >> this is integrated air and missile defense system, much like the one that iraq had and surrounded baghdad built on older soviet technology.
4:35 pm
but still good capability. (question inaudible). >> i would say hours and days. [ laughter ] >> it's going to take us six to 12 hours to get it on, seas assess the sites are down and then we can move a global hawk in and other means to collect and assess. >> i'm not able to talk about the specifics of future operations. >> more hands as we go on. let's try to get control. chris and matthew and nathan and then we are done. >> would you consider the period we are right now to a pause in that no more strikes are going on? >> we're in the first phase of the multiphase operation.
4:36 pm
>> strikes are continuing for the assessment first phase of a multioperation? >> yes. [ inaudible ] >> yes, the africa command and whitney where the commander is we have coalition partners embedded and planning and execution and assessment of the coalition operation, much like we do around the world. >> nathan the last one. >> to the number -- what is the number of u.s. vessels? >> i apologize, i should have that information but i don't have in front of me. >> all right. thank you.
4:37 pm
aspiration develop and events warrant we'll come back to you and keep you updated as things go on. thanks for coming in on this weekend. >> gregg: first briefing from the pentagon from admiral william gorney. a first strike of 110, 112 tomahawk missiles. 20 different targets, one o or near the coastline to take out air defense systems of muammar khadafy, surface to air systems, as well as early warning systems. these missiles can be fired from submerged submarines that are located right now, three of them in the mediterranean. they are sub sonic and they can be outfitted with cameras on the front end so literally you can watch to see if they hit the targets and obviously satellite imaging devices can also assess whether or not it has been a successful operation. the admiral not saying as yet,
4:38 pm
they are still overrating as to whether or not successful targets were hit. he called this a multiphased action, the united states, he said, has command and control for now until it can be transition today a joint command. the goal is to protect the libyan people. as to whether or not tanks and artillery has been hit, it would appear not. he said we don't talk about future operations. importantly, no u.s. aircraft are involved here. the strikes by the 110 missiles occurred roughly an hour and 38 minutes ago, 3:00 east coast time, 12:00 noon west coast. >> joining us retired lieutenant bob mcginnes. the situation developing by the minute. are you there? >> i am here. >> heather: all options on the table. looks like the options have
4:39 pm
begun. off the top, i want your thoughts on the announcement we just heard, 110 tomahawk missiles launched, 20 different air defense systems targeted along the coast. what is your thoughts? >> it's typical beginning of an operation to stop an air defense capability. they probably went after command and control. i would expect they will go after any of the fighters that are still capable in libya. then, of course, you have all sorts of special sensitive analysiss, j-stars, satellites and those cameras on the front end of the tomahawks that will be fed into stutgart, they are going to be able to look at what they hit and decided whether add my lacks and other types of munitions are necessary. >> i have to ask you this
4:40 pm
question, secretary of state clinton said no ground troops and president obama repeated it, we heard it again in the pentagon briefing, do you think that we can accomplish our task and our goal with aircraft alone? >> likely not. we didn't in bosnia or southern iraq. likely you have other nations have special operating forces, that i would be incredibly surprised that if they are not in benghazi. they have high technology capabilities to talk to people all over the world and, of course, the aircraft that are coming in. with that and our sensors, we have, i think, a pretty good situation awareness right now. >> heather: i have to ask this question. libya coming out and saying civilian casualties being left in hospitals in tripoli and not being confirmed these reports will come out. so how will nato forces be able to determine with the use of
4:41 pm
aircraft to distinguish between friend and foe? how will they be able to do that? >> that is incredibly difficult. you have to have people on the ground to eyeball what is actually happening. what khadafy is going to do is put his military and civilian vehicles, unless you have a no-fly zone all the way to benghazi, you're going to have troops that are moving as far away from tipoli all the way into benghazi and then they will be able to control the rebels and the game is over. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate your insight. >> gregg: president obama leadership skills coming under the microscope lately. coming up, is the president getting a good or failing grade when it comes to the crisis in japan and libya? obviously the budget battles here at home but we're going to be talking with colonel oliver north in just a moment. a role in my own life.
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>> gregg: operation odyssey dome is underway. firing 110 tomahawk missiles at 20 different targets in libya in an effort to take out khadafy's air defense systems and early warning systems. joining us to talk about it, retired colonel oliver north. great to see you. what is your reaction to this? >> it's a great thing to happen. it's too late, about 26 years too late for the libyan people but it's a good thing and my guess is muammar khadafy is going to meet his demise in the next ten days. it might turn out the anniversary of when we bombed him in 1985. >> gregg: you were working in the reagan administration at the time. president reagan planted a
4:47 pm
cruise missile in the living room of his compound. talk to us about that. >> actually was an air strike. what you had then is nothing compared to the capabilities exist today. you couldn't fire 110 cruise missiles like we did this afternoon. one of the things that ironic, the french is leading this. president nicolas sarkozy was the first toize the anti-khadafy faction. it was france that kept us from overflying france when we struck khadafy as he killed scores of people in berlin, scriarm. it's notable that the french and the british, at least i'm told, i can't confirm this, already have on the ground in benghazi, air ground control teams, special operation forces that will help control the air
4:48 pm
strikes to support the libyan resistance. that is positive sign because that is essential next step and apparently the first shot fired in all of this was to take out one of muammar khadafy's armored vehicles. >> gregg: canadian prime minister has said the military strikes will be so extensive that khadafy will not remain in power long. is that a little optimistic? >> it would be if it was only air strikes. president obama has already said today there is not going to be any u.s. troops on the ground. there are as i just mentioned, i'm told, there are already british and french special operations troops on the ground in benghazi and other places. i was asked not to name. they will out there helping the resistance on the ground fight back against khadafy. you can't unseat this man with air power alone. >> gregg: until monday of this week, president obama and
4:49 pm
secretary clinton were both skeptical about employing any military action including a no-fly zone monday night according to a "new york times" story today. hillary clinton changed her mind and susan rice, insisted the united states needed to act and president signed off on this. what do you think changed those minds? >> it wasn't changing mr. obama's mind or clinton's but was overruling bob gates and chief joints of staff. neither of them wand u.s. military operations to be conducted here. closest we came up to this point is the evacuation of refugees in few nearby yeah performed by 26th expeditionary unit that was brought back from the red sea. >> gregg: i want to say many
4:50 pm
thanks to colonel oliver north. thank you for your thoughts. we are going to play the video and audio of the president speaking in brazil and talking about and announcing the military action. let's listen. >> we begin a limited military action in libya in support of an international effort to protect libyan civilians. that action has now begun. in this effort the united states is acting with a broad coalition that is committed to enforcing the united nations security council resolution 1973 which calls for the protection of the libyan people. that coalition meant in paris today to send a unified message and brings back many of our european and arab partners. this is not an outcome that the united states or any of our partners sought. even yesterday, the international community offered
4:51 pm
muammar khadafy the opportunity to pursue an immediate cease-fire, one that stops the violence against civilians and the advances of khadafy's forces. despite the hollow words of his government, he had ignored that opportunity. his attacks on his own people have continued. his forces have been on the move. the danger faced by the people of libya has grown. i am deeply aware of the risks of any military action no matter what limits we place on it. i want the american people to know that the use of force is not first choice and not a choice that make lightly but we can't stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy and forces step up their assaults on been gaze si where innocent men and women face brutality.
4:52 pm
so we must be clear, actions have consequences and international community us must be enforced. as a part of this effort the united states will contribute our unique capabilities at the front end of the mission to protect libyan civilians and enable the enforcement of a no-fly zone that will be led by our international partners. as i said yesterday, we will not i repeat, we will not deploy any u.s. troops on the ground. as commander in chief, i have great confidence of the men and women that will carry out this mission. they carry them with respect of the grateful nation. i'm also proud we are acting part of a coalition that have close allies and partners that are prepared to meet their responsibility to protect the people of libya and uphold the mandates of the international community. i have acted after consulting with my national security team
4:53 pm
and republican and democratic leaders of congress. in the coming hours and days, my administration will keep the american people fully informed. make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition, we are answering the calls of a threatened people and we are acting in the interests of the united states and the world. thank you very much. >> heather: you've been watching comments from president obama. those were brought earlier that was taped. president obama saying that we must be clear, actions have consequences in libya saying that the u.s. will use unique capabilities at the front end and repeating no troops on the ground. charlie herts, let's talk specifically first about the situation in libya. you heard his comments. one of those where he talked
4:54 pm
about, make no mistake, he likes that phrase, we are part of a, number one, broad coalition, number two, an effort to make the people of libya safe and number three, acting in regards to u.s. interests. do you think it's of interest that he mentions first the broad coalition? >> this whole exercise in libya is an ivtd by president obama to say, i'm not george bush, we are not doing it the way george bush did it like the way in iraq and afghanistan, even though at the time we did have a broad coalition. but he seems to be sort of cite ago rear guard action some blow back, domestic blow back to the point he keeps talking about, we're not going to use any troops. why -- i don't understand that. why would you send over hundred
4:55 pm
tomahawk missiles into a place, knock out some air defenses and then at the same time telling your enemy, we're not going to do any more than just this? it seems to be kind of crazy way to go about this. >> heather: do you think it's significant or do you think it will have an effect on his reputation that france has taken the lead here in libya? >> oh, over the last two weeks, whether it's going off to play a round of golf or filling out basketball brackets or going to rio, president obama has absolutely abrogated his role as leader of his role leader of the free world and abrogated it to france. it's astonishing on several levels. i'm sure that politically it's very wise of him not to commit ground troops to the ground right now.
4:56 pm
but why telegraph immediately to the enemy, i don't understand. the manner in which, just the way that it all looks, the way he has handled it by making that extraordinary unique position that the american president has always add to france is really quite astonishing. >> heather: i have to wrap it up. >> thank you. >> gregg: western air force and coalition against libya, firing against khadafy air defense systems as we speak. a live report with what is going on the ground at the top of the hour.
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
. >> gregg: this is a "fox news alert," the u.s. now playing an active role in a coalition effort to cripple libyan air defenses, the goal, enforce the u.n. sanctioned no-fly zone to stop muammar qaddafi from attacking his own people. and massacring them. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers, today's airstrikes come after an emergency meeting of world leaders in paris, french war planes conducting the first series of airstrikes reportedly destroying several libyan tanks. steve harrigan is streaming live from tripoli, libya with the latest. steve?
5:01 pm
>> reporter: i'm standing here in tripoli, about two miles from colonel qaddafi's compound and we have not heard that thunderous crash of any cruise missiles landing in this vicinity, nor have we heard sirens racing through the streets despite claims by libyan officials the cruise missile attacks from u.s. ships and submarines killed a number of civilians and made the claims without offering proof and it will be a war fought on the ground and propaganda as well, the 110 cruise missiles strikingerator anti-air defense systems along the coast of libya. 20 targets in all, as far that's damage goes, that will be reviewed in the morning, in daylight, the u.s. taking cross-examined and control of the military operation, now, but it was the french who fired the first shot, and french jets outside of the rebel strong hold of benghazi, engaging a libyan government military vehicle by
5:02 pm
unconfirmed reports, destroying four tanks in that area around benghazi as well, heather, back to you. >> heather: no doubt as you said, the war will also be fought in propaganda, you said you hadn't heard any missile strikes or crashes. did you hear ambulances rushing by? a report said they were taking the casualties via ambulances to hospitals. >> reporter: no, no sounds of ambulances, either, though libyan officials say their hospitals are filling up with casualties. as far as the reaction from the government, here, colonel qaddafi has not been seen in recent hours, he was supposed to appear before the press a short time ago at the compound and he was a no show there. you are hearing anti-aircraft fire behind me. certainly, a nervous city under threat, under possible attack, we have seen a lot of what we call panic fire, that may be an example of that as well. colonel qaddafi maintaining a
5:03 pm
very bellicose attitude, towards these strikes, saying the u.s. will regret their actions. those strikes, tomahawk strikes coming from u.s. ships as well as u.k. ships and mainly targeting anti-aircraft positions to the east of lobby. we have not heard the tomahawks hit and what we are hearing is nervous anti-aircraft fire, people firing into the night sky and still an attitude, really of defiance by the muammar qaddafi government saying they'll take revenge and the u.s. will regret the action, as far that's situation on the ground in benghazi, a tragedy there for some of the 700,000 people in that city, they have been bombarded through most of the day by currently qaddafi's forces, government forces, using artillery on the ground as well as tanks firing into the city, many of the civilians really trying to flee to the east, away from benghazi, and many also still trapped there, it will be a difficult operation for the
5:04 pm
no-fly zone to operate, because qaddafi's government forces are already within that major city. so, getting them out and trying to protect the civilians has become a lot more complicated in the last 24 hours, heather back to you. >> gregg: it is gregg jarrett. you are a veteran of many wars and are adept at identifying the sights and sounds and describe what just occurred behind you moments ago. >> reporter: you have a lot of lightly disciplined forces and people with small arms as well and so, firing in the air extremely common, sometimes to celebrate, sometimes in anger and we have heard more of that, heavier weapons, anticipate a-a fire and that was a small anti-aircraft gun, firing behind me. >> gregg: as you see and hear more of what is happening there, new reaction from the pentagon
5:05 pm
and the developing situation in libyaing, officials speaking of u.s. military operations in the region, jennifer griffin was there, at the news briefing, and you have learned further details as well, jennifer? >> reporter: that's right, we just got an operational update from vice-admiral gortney, director of the joint staff in the pentagon and told us 110-112 tomahawk missiles and it takes an hour to fly from the ships they were launched from, from u.s. vessels in the mediterranean as well as one british submarine, and takes it about an hour, and those were first fired 2:00 p.m. eastern and first started landing in libya, we're told at 3:00 p.m., eastern, and, there were about 20 sites that were targeted, most were actually in the western part of libya, near tripoli, 4 or 5 sites there, and about 4 sites in misurata, and 20 total and we were told they
5:06 pm
were not targeting the area around benghazi but will create a no-fly zone that will protect benghazi where the rebels are. we also know there are 11 u.s. naval assets involved in this operation and include two destroyers, the uss barry and the stout, three submarines, the uss florida and the uss providence and tomahawks are fired from destroyers or submarines and would not be specific about which ships fired the 112 tomahawks earlier and the admiral's assessment of the situation is that the air defense system that qaddafi had, similar to that that saddam hussein had in iraq, consisted of fa-5s, e soviet era anti-defense missiles and will
5:07 pm
take 6 hours before the u.s. gets the bomb damage assessment and once they know the surface-to-air soviet era defense systems, once they know they are out they'll send an air force global hawk to take pictures of the bomb damage assessment but listen to the vice-admiral a while ago in the briefing room: >> earlier this afternoon, over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from both u.s. and british ships and submarines strapped more than 20 integrated air defense systems and facilities ashore. >> reporter: it is important to point out that while the u.s. was not the first to fire shots you had the libyan -- excuse me, french planes over libya earlier today the u.s. is firmly in command of the mission which they call, operation odyssey dawn and includes the french and is run under the new command center in stuttgart, germany and
5:08 pm
is run by admiral locklear, on board the uss whitney, the naval vessel in the mediterranean and the u.s. is in the lead and plan, we are told, to hand over and transition responsibility for command and control to the coalition in the coming days and they do not plan -- the pentagon and the u.s. does not plan to be in the lead of the operation, for more than just a few days but have, as i say, unique capabilities that give them the ability to take down the air defenses, to send in an electronic -- jammers, they said they have not used those jammers yet but used the tomahawks and, it is that unique capability that put the u.s. in the lead for the coming days. gregg? >> gregg: if these integrated air defense systems libya has was the first and primary target of a multi-phased action might yet another phase be tanks and heavy artillery later on? >> reporter: this is as we were
5:09 pm
told by the vice-admiral, is the first of a multi-phase operation and plan and would not reveal whether there would be more tomahawk missiles fired tonight and what the next phase will be but you can expect weapoonce th know the air defense systems are taken out, they will not put u.s. air personnel in until the defenses are taken out. >> gregg: so they may wait until sunlight, to determine the success or failure of the strikes. >> reporter: that's right. we are told it will take 6-12 hours before they have a bomb damage assessment and will not send the hawk up, until they are sure they have been taken out. but they don't expect the operation to go on more than a few days, and think they will be able to handily deal with
5:10 pm
qaddafi's air defense systems in the coming hours and days. >> gregg: jennifer griffin, great reporting from the pentagon, thanks. muammar qaddafi has his fingerprints on the worst terrorist attacks we have seen in the last several decades and coming up what his past tmay teach us about what he plans to do next. >> heather: japan, yes, that is going on as well, radiation from failing reactors is now apparently contaminating food and drinking water. emergency crews also scrambling to restore power to water pumps inside the damaged fukushima nuclear plant. still, no guarantees that that will prevent a total nuclear melt down. greg palkot is streaming live in osaka, japan and joins us. greg? >> reporter: heather, good news and bad news on a couple of fronts in the story, the good
5:11 pm
first. dealing with the issues at the troubled nuclear reactors. folks here are working around the clock to try to prevent a catastrophic core meltdown at one or several of those reactors. what they have been doing is spraying down these facilities with high powered water hoses from fire engines, and, it seems to be doing the job at least preventing the situation from getting worse. stabilization is the word we are hearing from the authorities. levels of radiation and temperature not going up. being controlled or even reduced to some extent. allowing the other workers there at the facility to try to connect electrical lines to the various reactors to try to get the cooling pumps started for a long-range controlling of the situation. the reactors 5 and 6 which were not damaged have had some good luck with that. and now the lines are being connected to reactors 1 and 2, the least damaged of the four main damaged reactors, and they
5:12 pm
will try and turn on the juice at least at one reactor to see if the pumps will work and we'll be watching that. meanwhile, what you mentioned, heather, the scares about food contamination, not scares but reality, higher than average, higher than accepted levels of radioactive iodine, found in traces in spinach, milk, from the broad region around these affected plants, as well as in the tap water of this area. again, authorities here say that it is not life-threatening, it is not of a dangerous scale but it is above the acceptable levels and there is now attention being paid to actually controlling the sale -- stopping the sale of the dairy products. and milk, and spinach and controlling at least warnings regarding water consumption as well. last point, quickly, to make here, and we should always make
5:13 pm
that. the broader humanitarian challenge, following the earthquake and tsunami, here's the latest figures the government is putting out a short while ago. 7500 dead. 11,700 missing, 450,000 still in evacuation shelters, that is basically homeless. a lot of criticism the last couple days the government has been spending too much time dealing with the nuclear crisis and not enough time dealing with the situation on the ground and the earthquake and tsunami ravaged areas and now, it seems like more attention is being paid, more food, more attention being given to the survivors of the terrible, multi-faceted crisis and catastrophe in this part of the world. back to you guys. >> heather: so true, greg, in terms of the reporting we have been focusing on the nuclear crisis which is huge and significant but, also, there is a humanitarian challenge as well. thank you, greg. >> gregg: the current situation in libya one of many international conflicts involving muammar qaddafi over the years.
5:14 pm
who can forget the bombing of pan am flight 103 that killed 270 people, many of them americans. coming up we'll look at libya's history and what could be next. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- let nothing stand in your way. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb
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5:17 pm
5:18 pm
defense system sites. what is your thought on that. >> that is a lot of ordnance and a lot of people died in those
5:19 pm
attacks and they were to take out a fixed anti-aircraft placements, but those are manned by human beings and people live near there and i'm sure the casualties are quite high but we have crossed the rubicon and are using military force on behalf of the people seeking independence in libya. >> heather: and we should say the majority of those air defense system sites were along the coast there in libya. we have also been told that this is actually the first phase of a multi-phased operation. the first phase, being to shape the battle space. what do you think the sending phase will be? >> well, i think as you indicated they have to get control of the air. without that, nothing else can happen. once they do that, then it appears that this is not just a no-fly zone they are establishing but a no drive zone because tanks and artillery pieces are being attacked already. so, this is the full-blown air
5:20 pm
campaign, in support of the rebels, who are about to be overrun, i think, in their last strong hold of benghazi. >> heather: we're looking at, on our screen right now, pictures of a libyan jet, i'm sure you heard the reports, brought down yesterday and our photographer on the scene was able to capture dramatic pictures. >> yes. >> heather: do you know who was flying it senate a rebel pilot or a qaddafi loyalist? i don't think we know? how could we. >> i don't think we do know. there are rumors floating about. but, i think, as interesting as your question is, the question of how it went down, and, what shot it down, because our people are up there and whatever took that jet out of the sky could take or jets out of the sky as well. >> heather: do you think this is too little, too late? did we lose valuable time by not supporting the no-fly zone earlier? >> well i think militarily the answer to the question is unequivocally yes.
5:21 pm
however, nobody was going to move until the arab league asked mate tow to attack one of its own members in effect. and because the united states and no one else wants a third war going on, in arab lands but now we have political cover for that. >> heather: and you referenced that in a way when we talked about the libyan jet shot down, specifically, how it was shot down but that leads to the next question, how will we know as we move forward, how will nato forces be able to distinguish between -- and i ask this question as well, friend or foe as we move forward. >> very good question. there are going to be, up, moving very fast over the surface, seeing an armed vehicle and a tank and how do you know whether that is a loyalist tank or a rebel tank. you don't. so, there will be friendly -- what we call friendly fire, or killing of friendlies occurring when this happened and the other thing that will happen is some
5:22 pm
of our aircraft will be shot down. and then the interesting question will be what happens to the pilots and what do we do about it? >> heather: and what happens if qaddafi forces decide, hey, we're going to adhere to the cease-fire. will nato aircraft still have the authority to attack military targets? are we prepared to stay for the long haul? >> well i think probably yes, the rules of engagement or what control the question you are asking, but, i think if things calm down and people are rather stationary, the rules would be something along the lines of you are not allowed to fire on vehicles on the ground unless they manifest hostile intent to you or civilians. >> heather: important to know and let's talk about something else that was released in the pentagon briefing, command and control. the u.s. in charge, right now, command and control, but, eventually that being passed on to coalition forces. how significant do you think
5:23 pm
that move is, the u.s. is in control right now. >> well i think that is the way that nato goes to war in effect. but i think the u.s. for political reasons wants to maintain a low profile. or a lower profile. so i think we'll put somebody else out front, like the french. but this is what is called in military parlance a joint and combined operation which means all of our branches are involved, plus foreign-country military services. very labor-intensive in terms of coordinating an effort like that. when you've got submarines launching krus misles and planes flying over and i'm sure you've got intelligence operatives in the country and so on, a lot of coordination that has to take place between nations and between services. hurricane it has begun and we appreciate you joining us, major general tim haake, odyssey dawn
5:24 pm
underway and missile strikes are confirmed from the u.s., no ground troops and no aircraft as of yet. thanks. >> gregg: delivering new comments on the situation in libya. we'll have a live report on what the white house says the u.s. role will be in all of this and president obama's message to qaddafi. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:25 pm
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5:28 pm
>> heather: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news, president obama ordering military action against libya, as part of an international effort, the pentagon saying 112 cruise missiles have been launched, hitting 20 sites. >> gregg: in japan, workers struggling to contain the damage at the japanese nuclear plant and now there is word radiation levels in food and milk in farms near the facility exceed safety limits. >> heather: former secretary of
5:29 pm
state warren christopher has died. he was a key figure in peace efforts in bosnia and the middle east during the clinton administration and he was 85 years old. >> heather: qaddafi came to power in libya 40 years ago and in that time has forced libya into a number of dangerous conflicts including some involving the united states, peter doocy is live in washington with more, hi, peter. >> reporter: as details of operation odyssey dawn come out it is a good perspective to look at recent american activities in libya and you can see our aircraft logged a lot of miles in recent decades, especially over the gulf of sidra. in 1981, muammar qaddafi said a big part of the gulf belonged to him and libyan jets were blown out and, muammar qaddafi drew an age imaginary line in the gulf and
5:30 pm
two ships sank and, america shot down two jets to protect the uss john f. kennedy and in the middle of skirmishes president ronald reagan ordered airstrikes over libya for realatitaliation bomb attack that killed 79 americans and president ronald reagan said his reaction at the time was based on irrefutable evidence that he muammar qaddafi was behind the attack and reagan, also, said this: >> when our citizens are abused or attacks, anywhere in the world, on the direct orders of a hostile regime, we will respond so long as i'm in this oval office. self-defense is not only our right, it is our duty. >> reporter: and, two years after that speech, from the oval office, pan am 103 was destroyed mid-air over lockerbie, scotland, by a bomb, that was placed by a libyan intelligence
5:31 pm
agent, a lot has happened since then. in '03, he said he was trying to make friend by saying he'd stop building weapons of mass destruction, 8 years ago and a lot has changed. >> gregg: peter doocy live in washington. thank you. >> heather: a "fox news alert," to bring to you, libyan leader muammar qaddafi says he'll make a statement any moment now regarding what he is referring to as the crusader enemy, libyan state television saying late this afternoon, in a reference to western airstrikes, that were launched against muammar qaddafi and in libya, we'll bring you the statement as soon as we have it from -- expected to come from muammar qaddafi, stay with us. for that. but someone that did make a statement, president obama, who spoke out from brazil after authorizing military action against the muammar qaddafi regime, mike emanuel is traveling with the president and joins us live from brazil. what are the key points the president is making about use of force in libya?
5:32 pm
>> reporter: healthers, singers that the president is not making the decision to pursue limited military action in his wording lightly and the president making it clear there are certain things the u.s. military does, particularly well, and, so, they are emphasizing getting that in there, in the a hurry, also, emphasizing the fact that this is a coalition, a broad international coalition and here's more from the president, a short time ago. >> president barack obama: use of force is to the our first choice and not a choice i make lightly but we cannot stand idly by when i tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy and forces assault benghazi and misrata and, innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government. >> reporter: again the president reiterating his point that he does not plan on sending u.s. ground troops to libya, we heard from our colleagues, reporting over at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, and she asked an admiral there, any ground troops
5:33 pm
there? and he said there are no ground troops there and that seems to be a consistent message, they are happy to use the great technology available to the u.s. military, to help start this no-fly zone but are not prepared to put u.s. ground troops on the ground in libya, heather. >> heather: the president has come under fire for the timing of the trip. any plan to cut the president's latin-american trip short? >> reporter: they do not know of any plans to cut it short and moments ago, a deputy national security advisor, ben rhodes had a conference call and he said there are no plans to cut the trip short. the president has again getting briefings throughout the trip and the first day of the trip, and it is -- has delayed his events, but, he has the staff with him, and, the technological capability to stay in the loop about what is going on with libya and at this point, there are no plans for him to come home early. heather? >> heather: thank you very much, mike emanuel joining us,
5:34 pm
traveling with the president. thank you. >> gregg: some people including democrats are complaining president obama is too disengaged when a crisis hits yet his approval rating is hovering near 50%, there it is, just under that, 49% and is up over this time last year. so, is his hands-off approach working? and, what will today's developments mean for him? here is phil muser, a senior advisor to former governor tim pawlenty and, mark cross joins us, a democrat. gentlemen, good to see you both. congressman, the president's poll numbers have not gotten worse, and the flip side is they haven't gotten any better, really, at least the last couple of months and they are below 50%, and that is hardly a ringing endorsement, is it. >> he has taken a messaasured response to deal with difficult situation, and he was right to line up the arab league and u.n. before he did anything decisive
5:35 pm
in libya and we want to go in by ourselves, we are not popular in that part of the world. my guess is democrats and republicans will be supported with the -- supportive to give the president a chance to see if it works and he has taken an intentional measured response to events and, i believe he was right in the way he handled egypt and the egyptian military decided hosni mubarak had to go and he went. >> gregg: a lot of conservatives and republicans accuse the president of dithering over libya and now he has the u.n. resolution and they've taken action and if qaddafi is forced from power by a coalition, won't the president's approach be seen by americans as wise, and prudent? >> well any time that there are missiles in e the air on their way to destroy enemy targets, most republicans, democrats and americans will give the benefit of the doubt, to the american
5:36 pm
servicemen, executing a mission given to them by the commander-in-chief and i don't think you will see a lot of partisan vitriol in the last little bit and the question you point to is, the word that martin raised is measured and in terms of the president's response to a lot of issues measured is a good way to put that and the question on the table is whether or not being measured in the context of dealing with the russians, and dealing with the egyptian crisis, dealing with the situation in libya, over time, you know, the question is, is the president leading the world with america at the forefront or are we taking a back seat to different elements of our friends and allies around the globe. as it relates to this issue we have to way to see how it plays out. i'm glad we are doing it. >> gregg: congressman frost i want to put on the screen an editorial from yesterday's "wall street journal." and i'm quote from it. if you are curious about where the most powerful man in the universe stands on libya, radiation, a possible government shut down, future of social security, rising oil prices,
5:37 pm
don't look to the white house. those issues are tough. those issues risk mistakes. those issues might mean unhappy voters. is the president reluctant to stake out really strong positions out of a fear that he might alienate voters with his re-election around the corner? >> i don't think so on foreign policy and we'll talk about domestic policy in a minute but, clearly if we hadn't gotten the support of the arab league we couldn't have done this in libya and he was right to wait until we had the support and we don't want to be the ugly american and in terms of domestic policy, he is going to have to lead at some point on the budget. so far, he has let congress handle this, the new republicans are in the house and take the lead for a little bit and see if they can work things out with the senate, but, eventually, the president will have to step in, actively on resolving the budget. >> gregg: you sound like you saw that letter, congressman from the bipartisan group of senators yesterday --
5:38 pm
>> i did, i read it, rightful. >> gregg: to get engaged and involved and it was embarrassing for the white house, i think but you republicans are allergic to making tough decisions that might prove controversial. where is the plan for entitlement reform? are they also afraid to pull the trigger and the only way to truly reduce the deficit? >> i think that is an important debate we need to have as a country and i think you will see leading republicans increasingly talk about taking on, you know, that issue. i mean, i think we can't duck that, any more and there are rational and reasonable -- >> been ducking it for a long time. >> i'm telling you, i think, as it relates to the issues of spending that are on the table with the congress, are seeing a lot of republicans and conservatives stand strong and, talk of deep and meaningful cuts and, i think you will see candidates for president coming out and saying, look, we cannot kid ourselves any more, in
5:39 pm
america we cannib nibble at the >> gregg: the only one i heard so far is chris christie and he's not running. >> we'll see what happens when paul ryan actually introduces his budget in a month. so far there is no republican budget, let's see if they have the guts to address -- >> gregg: come on, you had control of both houses of congress and the presidency and never came up with a budget last year. that is the first time in what, 30 or 40 years that ever happened? >> that was a mistake and l's see what paul ryan does and if he puts his money where his mouth is. >> he's gonna. >> gregg: phil, go ahead. >> he's gonna. >> gregg: all right. good to see you both. thanks so much. >> thanks, gregg. >> heather: word in muammar qaddafi is expected to make a speech at any moment now, as world forces take military action against his regime. we'll bring you those comments as soon as we get them. oes it t? it takes knowing we have our work cut out for us.
5:40 pm
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>> gregg: we're awaiting a statement from the libyan leader muammar qaddafi, libyan television reporting he'll speak after the u.s. and international partners launched military action against libya. the goal, to enforce the united nations sanctioned no-fly zone, joining us an ambassador to served as libya's ambassador to the u.s., until a few weeks ago, leaving his post and disavowing qaddafi, thanks for being with us. did you officially resign. >> yes. as of the first of last month. >> heather: why. >> i can't understand what he is doing with our people, bringing the mercenaries to kill our people because he wants to stay in power and even he stayed for 42 years and i will never serve a regime killing his own people. >> gregg: you also served a regime that was headed up by a
5:45 pm
well-known terrorist, i mean, muammar qaddafi engaged in all kinds of acts of terrorism, including according to the former justice minister, who claims he has evidence the bombing of pan am flight 103 and we attacked libya in april, of 1986, because muammar qaddafi as behind the west berlin bombing of the nightclub and the list goes on and on and on. and help us to understand why you would work for a guy like that. >> let me tell you, i'm not working for qaddafi, i'm working for the libyan people and for my country and, i never worked for qaddafi, he is there -- >> gregg: he appointed you, didn't he. >> no, i was appointed by the people of congress. because he tried to persuade people that he is not the head of the state, but, unfortunately, he is the one who
5:46 pm
is doing everything and nobody can make a decision without him, and there are many people serving during his regime and they are dead because they -- if we leave the country for him to run only by him and by his loyalty people we have no chance to serve the people, in different places. >> gregg: it has always surprised westerners nobody over the course of four decades ever assassinated muammar qaddafi. how is that possible? >> well i think muammar qaddafi is' very strange person. nobody can predict what he is doing and can really depend on him. he is blackmailing and not only his people, blackmailing the west and blackmailing the united
5:47 pm
states, and making our lives just impossible. now we have a chance to get rid of the regime and, i must say, thank you very much, have a nice day, thank you very much to canada, thank you very much for the alliance, moving forward and i want to mention, also, please, don't feel guilty that you are coming to help us. there are some statements i feel the united states, is very shy taking part of the coordination to get rid of the regime. i think we -- strongly believe in what you are doing and strongly believe, that he must go. >> gregg: there was reticence on the part of the obama administration because they were not entirely clear and may still not be clear about who the rebels are. and what kind of -- assuming they rise to power, there, what kind of a government it would be. i know sarkozy has talked with representatives of the libyan transitional council but who are
5:48 pm
these folks? who are the rebels. >> i assure you the entire council which was formed, east, west, north, south, they are very good people. they are not al qaeda as qaddafi tried to presents them to the world. you see the people there are serious and want to have a democratic process, to have elected government. and, we have the right to live like democratic country. we have been under this region jimmy more than 4 decades, my friend and they have to give a chance for the government to -- there is no way that this government will be worse than qaddafi. no way. these people, they are professionals and they declared their stand against muammar qaddafi's regime and many of them -- >> gregg: will you be in support of that. >> of the government? >> gregg: yes. assuming a new libya emerges from this, will you be part of a new democratic libya. >> let me tell you one thing. i have one hope, before i die. that, to see muammar qaddafi and
5:49 pm
his family and his sons, who have been ruining us in a selfish way, out. that is what we need. i have been working for a long time and there are many young people and professionals who can take that -- >> gregg: should they be criminal energy charged for crimes against humanity, crymes against libyans? in the dock at the hague? >> i would be the happiest man when i see muammar qaddafi and his team and his sons, they are in hague one day. i hope that day will be not very long. >> gregg: ambassador, thank you so much for being back with us. appreciate your thoughts. >> thanks, thanks a lot. good-bye. >> heather: the president authorizing limited military action against libya, saying again the u.s. would not send ground forces to libya. how will the world community react to the president's stance? we look, coming up. @ú
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> heather: the president says taking military action in libya was not his first choice. but the world cannot, quote, stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mers i bret stevens of our sister publication the "wall street journal" with his insights. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. >> heather: having taken a wait
5:54 pm
and see approach before the multi-lateral agreement was reached how will the world community react to president obama's latest positioning in just the latest international situation that of course being libya? >> well, i think the world is happy that the american trumpet finally sounded but are alarmed it is so unteconcern and the oba administration has not laid out any suggestion or plan as to what it ultimately intends to do. is the mission to protect a couple of the remaining enclaves from muammar qaddafi? or to overthrow muammar qaddafi's regime when the president leaks that he is interested in a mission that lasts days and not weeks it seems to suggest not only to the rest of the world but also to muammar qaddafi, that american power can be waited out and our objectives are very limit. -- limited. >> heather: a third war in a
5:55 pm
muslim nation, the president has spent the first half of his term mending, and hoped to avoid this and how will this affect our relationship with the muslim world. >> look, the muslim world has been looking towards the united states, certainly the rebels in benghazi and elsewhere were elated when they heard the united states might be coming to their rescue. and i think we have to get away from the talk that everything the united states does is going to be inevitably seen as the product of the ugly american and in this case we are coming to the defense of a beleaguered people who are trying to overthrow a terrible tyrant and reach for their freedom and i think that is an objective we ought to be proud of, irrespective of world opinion but that said i think the arab world in its state of evolt will look to american leadership and also, will be skeptical of the u.s., if, after all of president obama's rhetoric, he failed to take decisive action at this
5:56 pm
moment of truth. >> heather: one minute left and that was my last question to you, the world no doubt looking to see what the u.s. does next and what do you think president obama should do, now, moving forward? >> well, the president in my view ought to lay out the clear goals the ultimate outcome of the military action, will be the overthrow of muammar qaddafs regime, and, this whole battle in libya has basically been a momentum play, when it looked like the rebels were winning, you had army units defecting to the rebels and they were gaining strength and now it looks like qaddafi is winning you have the army backing him. we have to switch things so the rebels feel confident that they can win. >> heather: i have to wrap that up. thanks. >> gregg: that will do it for us, rick folbaum and jamie colby will have brand new pictures of missiles launched in libya. coming up. thanks for being with us.
5:57 pm
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